5 Common Winter Plumbing Problems

Winter Plumbing Problems

As the winter comes near, there are several problems that start rising. Although winter is meant to stay warm at home and enjoy the snow, it comes with equal problems. During winters, homes are often vulnerable to various plumbing issues. While attempting to solve these winter plumbing problems in the cold, many people start to panic. By simple maintenance and proactivity, you can solve many of these plumbing problems in winters.

We understand your concerns for your home as plumbing problems can be devastating. That is why we share a few tips that help to tackle the winter plumbing problems and also how to prevent them. However, we are here to solve your issues anyway but you must also know about a few basic plumbing problems that occur in winter.

Winter Plumbing Problems

Below Mentioned are the Most Common Winter Plumbing Problems that Occur

  • Frozen pipes (outdoor)- If not winterized the water lines and pipes that supply water to outdoor taps can freeze. Because most probably these liens are situated outside the house and are not used as much in winters and cold weathers. Extremely destructing water damage can occur if there is a burst pipe problem, that too before a leak is noticed. What you can do is winterize your outdoor pipes for the prevention of burst pipes. Upgrade your outdoor taps to frost-free Gibbs, this will help a lot.
  • Frozen pipes (indoor)- Not only outside, but the water supply pipes can face freezing indoors too. Especially if they are present in the uninsulated areas like exterior walls etc. freezing and cold can cause the pipes to burst and crack causing major water damage and problems. If you notice light or no flow of water from your sinks and bathrooms then understand that your pipes are frozen. You can just leave a very little bit of water running from the taps as this will continue the motion of water in pipes and prevent freezing. 
  • Blocked drains in the kitchen- Winters means holidays and vacation. That means spending a lot of quality time with family and cooking delicious food. However, all of this will definitely take a toll on your kitchen. Many people face the problem of clogged kitchen drains in winter. This is because of the large amount of food being disposed of down the drains.
  • Water heater issues- There is a lot of pressure on water heaters, especially in the winter months. As these are the holidays, your house will be swarmed with guests, relatives, and friends. It becomes difficult for a water heater to keep up with the demands of all kinds of people regarding hot water. If at any point the water heater fails to provide hot water, you must get them repaired or replaced immediately. If it is not your cup of tea, hire a plumber. 
  • Septic line or tank freeze- Septic tanks and lines are present underground and they are not as well protected by the soil. Hence, they are prone to freeze during the winter months. Even if freezing occurs in the mainline, the freeze will connect to your house’s septic line, and eventually, your whole drainage system will be frozen. Also, once the septic tank is full, the contents in it can easily become vulnerable to freezing. This can cause a huge sewage problem where if any damage has occurred to the septic tank, it will contaminate your whole water system.

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